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  1. lonelygunner

    [REQ]Relic Hunters Zero

    Relic Hunters Zero was updated today. Can we have a trainer for it, please?
  2. lonelygunner

    [REQ]Relic Hunters Zero

    It gives you opportunity to get Steam Trading Cards.
  3. lonelygunner

    Killing Floor 2 Trainer

    The game is on Free Weekend in Steam from Thur Sept 3rd through Sun Sept 6th Can you please update the trainer, MR.ANTIFUN?
  4. lonelygunner

    Postal 2 V. 1416 US Steam Trainer?

    Bump! All other trainers and cheat table with god mode doesnt work with current steam ver.
  5. lonelygunner

    How To Survive trainer

    Same thing happens when i use Cheat Engine, but it fixes easily by restarting game.
  6. lonelygunner

    Haunted Memories Trainer

    With steam version it only works "Inf. items" option, other doesnt. Btw. game is free now in steam. Can you update trainer, please?
  7. lonelygunner

    Sanctum 2 Road to Elysion trainer

    Game has been updated recently. Is there a chance to update the trainer too? Cause it didnt work :(