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  1. thunderzz

    Need help with the F1-Key

    NVM, had the wrong Version of the trainer... Can be closed.
  2. thunderzz

    Need help with the F1-Key

    Hey all, since i upgraded to Win 10 i have a problem with some Trainers. When i try to press the F1-Key to activate the Cheat i just hear a Sound and nothings happens... Does anyone has this problem aswell? Or maybe even a solution? Would be nice to hear from you guys and girls. Regards, Thunder
  3. thunderzz

    Advanced Warfare [Exo Survival]

    Hey wanted to ask if its possible to make a trainer for Exo Survival. King regards Lukas
  4. thunderzz

    The Forest v0.4

    New Version is out, could u, MrAntiFun, update the Trainer? MFG Thunder
  5. thunderzz

    ArcanicA - Gothic 4

    Hello, i hope the trainer will be made. With options like unlimited Health, stamina, etc.
  6. thunderzz

    Unturned Request

    Yes, that would be really nice. Im looking for a trainer a long time now.