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  1. Raskacio

    Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

    +1, please.
  2. Raskacio

    Cold Waters Trainer

    Thank God it works even with the China Sea dlc, the windows antivirus deleted it a long time ago without my permission, now that i play it again i was without a trainer and thank goodness you did not put it in wemod, they are a headache. Thank you MrAntifun.
  3. Raskacio

    Diluvion Resubmerged

  4. Raskacio

    Fallen Region

  5. Raskacio

    raiders forsaken earth

    Yeah, why not, is easy to find all the others resources with cheat engine. +1
  6. Raskacio

    Mount And Blade Warband Trainer

    This trainer works far better than any other by far, even the best cheat engine table for 1.16, the only complain i have is that the trainer use the same hotkeys that the game use for "units, charge", or "units stay here", still i use this trainer since they pulled it out. Happy New Year's Eve...
  7. Raskacio

    CheatHappens is trying to get MrAntiFuns youtube channel closed

    God damn it, I just subscribed with my last account to the MrAntifun channel, MrAntifun is the best.
  8. Raskacio

    Survivalist: Invisible Strain Trainer Request

    I don't care about resources, but unlimited health, stamina, anti-freeze or easy recruitment. Resources and ammo are easy to find and changed with Cheat Engine. Cheers&beers to the Mr Antifun team!.
  9. Raskacio

    Production Line Trainer

    an update would be fantastic, merry christmas to the whole team and to those of us who are looking for your trainers
  10. Raskacio

    Rebel Galaxy Trainer

    Thank you a lot, trainer v1.08 GOG+steam+Epic, works like a charm on the game version GOG
  11. Raskacio

    Rise Of Industry Trainer

    You are amazing Mr Antifun, thank you a lot.
  12. Raskacio

    Sheltered Trainer

    Thank you veeeeeeeeery much! ;):D
  13. Raskacio

    [REQ] Carrier Deck

    +1, please.
  14. Raskacio

    Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation Trainer

    hello, i cant download the last error...please fix that