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  1. Sh33p

    Pit People Trainer

    Please update for hotfix 6c - thank you from above.
  2. Sh33p

    Warhammer End Times Vermintide Trainer

    Please update for 1.11 - Waylaid patch.
  3. Sh33p

    WindForge Trainer

    Indeed, if You have some time MrAntiFun - please update this trainer up to version 1.1.8820. Thank You. Sincerely, Sh33p.
  4. Sh33p

    RimWorld Trainer

    Indeed MrAntifun, it would be great, if You update RimWorld trainer up to actual version - V0.12.914. As my predecessors noted - trainer from version V0.12.911 is working on actual version (after file name changing), but it is pretty unstable (game freezing and many many lags). I understand that...
  5. Sh33p

    Blood Bowl Trainer

    I tried download this file, from my link - and i downloaded it. It works. For sure it worked yesterday. If this didin't work for you, try this . I downlad it too, from Demonoid - and i will seed this for some time. If this won't work too...
  6. Sh33p

    Titan Quest Immortal Throne

    Well, i played a lot in TQ:IT - sometimes with trainer, so i just want to reply that, there are a few trainers to any version of this game (expansion, or not) free on the internet. Those trainers are not so good like those from MrAntiFun, but you surely have some nice option there. Sincerely, Sh33p
  7. Sh33p

    No more room in Hell v1.0.9.3

    (These images are randomly found on the internet, i don't claim any rights to them). Hello, our cheating gods. Today, i want to ask about trainer, for actual version ( now it's v1.0.9.3 ) of free FPS survival zombie "No More Room in Hell". It's free game on Steam, so you guys, should not have...
  8. Sh33p

    Blood Bowl Trainer This should help.
  9. Sh33p

    [REQ]Payday 2 v1.8.1 - update 26.1 You searching for this?
  10. Sh33p

    Blood Bowl Trainer

    If you mean Bloodbowl Chaos Edition, I have found this: Team editor! Works well on version Tested by me. Sincerely, Sh33p
  11. Sh33p

    [REQ]Payday 2 v1.8.1 - update 26.1

    Ok, user "Foxtrot" send my this link: Lua scripts works well.Tested by me on version i posted in thread tile. Thank you again Foxtrot for that link.:)
  12. Sh33p

    [REQ]Payday 2 v1.8.1 - update 26.1

    (all of these pictures are randomly found on the internet) Options like these would be great: 1. infinite health 2. infinite ammunition 3. always undetected 4. add 1.000.000 cash* 5. add 10.000 experience points* *not necessary If these options would work with all DLC's : (gage weapon pack...
  13. Sh33p

    What do you think of the Trainers made so far?

    To version Alpha 2 V2.363 maybe? If so, we have the same story, how we found this page.;) But about trainers, you make so far MrAntiFun: Great stability (i downloaded about 10 so far and amount of "zero" gave me a crash, blue/blackscreen or simply shutdown game without reason and report...
  14. Sh33p

    Timber & Stone v1.71

    Yeah, it's pretty awesome, but i didn't build that.:( I just only paste some random pictures from this game...for better effect.:D But anyway, my buildings are not so bad at all.:p
  15. Sh33p

    Timber & Stone v1.71

    MrAntiFun, please create trainer for Timber & Stone v1.71 Options like this would be great:D : 1. Infinite health for villagers 2. Set every resource to 20 (except food) 3. Add/freeze food on 300. These options would be great, but if you can add something more...This would be even greater ;)