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  1. undeadninjaz

    Game Developer <----

    Thanks man :) <3
  2. undeadninjaz

    Game Developer <----

    I am Happy to announce that i am a part of a developer team for the game called Survive The Nights Survive The Nights is new game hitting the zombie survival genre with some real innovation. Bringing together everything everyone's...
  3. undeadninjaz

    Ultimate General: Gettysburg

    Thanks for your understanding People :) Cant be Butthurt for having a life can ya :) unless ur a guy sitting on a couch and Fu**ing dolls then be my guest to rage :)
  4. undeadninjaz

    Company Of Heroes

    We will try out best :)
  5. undeadninjaz

    Why Trainers show up as Virus sometimes!

    Simply said that trainers has the ability to change or modify a game and so on.... Simple as that :D
  6. undeadninjaz

    Company Of Heroes

    We will try to do COH new steam version and Company of heroes 2 :) wish use luck :P
  7. undeadninjaz

    I'm a new Staff!

    Congratz on ur new Promotion :) I hope u will do great service for the forum and for da people :D (its really cliche so forgive meh #YOLO)
  8. undeadninjaz


    Thank you for your agreements. It helps alot knowing there are some folks out there thinking of this matter :)
  9. undeadninjaz

    Curious about time

    Well Our trainers have a Safeguard but we aint telling what we using :D its a sweeeecret :D
  10. undeadninjaz


    THERE HAS BEEN ALOT OF COMPLAINTS RECENTLY AND THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN TO ADDRESS TODAY!!! Hello to our fellow Users of the trainers. Some of you might get mad of what i have to say but it is really necessary! Most Of u USERS need to be spoon fed! As all of u know u need to read Faq and...
  11. undeadninjaz

    Wat ever happend to this

    MAF will keep doing trainers if u guys support him and if possible donate. The website needs paying every month and we get less donation day by day.
  12. undeadninjaz

    Update for Tropico 5 Trainer

    Sorry for the inconvenience's guys :( We will do the update just give us time :)
  13. undeadninjaz

    Metro 2033

    Thank you for the Request! we will do it soon after the trainers of our priorities are done :)
  14. undeadninjaz

    Battleblock Theater

    The Trainer will be made soon enough :)
  15. undeadninjaz

    Dawn Of Discovery Trainer

    thank you MAF
  16. undeadninjaz

    Wat ever happend to this

    Well as long as u passed the ad's and the server detects it, it does count I think :3
  17. undeadninjaz

    Wat ever happend to this

    Well by coming here everyday too helps! it generate more FUNDS as each Ad's u passed by.
  18. undeadninjaz

    Adfly Every Page.

    I know how most of you guys feel :):):) But this is what generate income for the website and for him to buy games and make trainers for them. If most of u donate every month then the ad's might get cut off a lil :D:D:D
  19. undeadninjaz

    Xenonauts Trainer

    Thanks! and Im 1st :D
  20. undeadninjaz


    HELLO :D MAF and Chris i hope u guys can make a trainer for Xenonauts >:D I just DOnated 20$ for that occasion :) Hope u can do the trainer MAF and Good Luck :)