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  1. theblackmage29

    Company of Heroes 3 Trainer

    Guys i solved the problem it's very very easy. enter wemod CoH 3 trainer, go to the tab "History" below the button "Play" and select the trainer with the date 12/13/2023. Go play and be happy. it´s working for me every cheat. i hope i helped everyone.
  2. theblackmage29

    The Lord Of The Rings War In The North Trainer

    this is the one i´m using but only activates the option Active Trainer the other options doesn´t work =/
  3. theblackmage29

    The Lord Of The Rings War In The North Trainer

    not working for me in w10 =/
  4. theblackmage29

    Valkyria Chronicles Trainer

    Nice MrAntiFun you´re awesome :D +1 to this. thanks to your effort we gamers thanks you much
  5. theblackmage29

    Valkyria Chronicles Trainer

    yes make us one mrantifun pls *-*
  6. theblackmage29

    Final Fantasy IV

    i found a save game editor for FF IV. Google: Final Fantasy Iv Save Editor. it´s the first link that appears on google. It´s the XDA Developers Forum site. hope you enjoy :)
  7. theblackmage29

    Company Of Heroes New Steam Trainer

    i´m having a problem with the trainer. the pop cap cheat and command points cheat doesn´t work in campaign mode. any advice??? the rest works fine. my version is 2.700.2.42.
  8. theblackmage29

    Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    Please could you do this trainer :) :rolleyes:Many thanks mrantifun forever:D
  9. theblackmage29

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

    i support this too. waiting for something :D
  10. theblackmage29

    Darksiders Duology

    Mr. Antifun make a trainer for darksiders 1 and 2 :D e really want it :D
  11. theblackmage29

    Final Fantasy 3 Trainer

    oh yeah thanks i forgot to mention this detail too hehehe :D
  12. theblackmage29

    Final Fantasy 3 Trainer

    I was doing a search in here. my FF3 game is not original from steam, i downloaded it from other sources. but i have this same directory: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\FF3_Win32 and there is a save.bin file in there. i tried to open this file and noticed that is the same save file located in...
  13. theblackmage29

    Final Fantasy 3 Trainer

    yes there is a save.bin file in there.
  14. theblackmage29

    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    OMFG *O*
  15. theblackmage29

    Watch Dogs Trainer

    Yeah dude that´s it \o/
  16. theblackmage29

    Enemy Front Trainer

    Youre awesome :D thanks antifun :D
  17. theblackmage29

    Final Fantasy 3 Trainer

    my windows is 8 x64 the program works for me but my save file is located here: C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\239120\storage
  18. theblackmage29

    Darksiders 2 Trainer Request

    Tregant i dont know what trainer you use but if the noise dont stop did you tried to mute the sound of the trainer in windows volume control? works for me...
  19. theblackmage29

    Final Fantasy 3 Trainer

    I googled for this save editor, downloaded it and has no virus in the file. tested on my pc and its working fine. i had changed the job levels and the equips of all :D whoever posted it, i think i have to thanks him for this even if i needed to search for it :)