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  1. yehudi71

    For all those who can't open trainers after Win10 Creators Update [FIX INSIDE]

    So, I've been trying the trainers day after day and now (I didn't do anything to change my pc security mind you) the trainers are working again. I really, honestly don't know what the issue was.
  2. yehudi71

    For all those who can't open trainers after Win10 Creators Update [FIX INSIDE]

    I do have other trainers that work, but these ones are preferable.
  3. yehudi71

    For all those who can't open trainers after Win10 Creators Update [FIX INSIDE]

    I'm actually having this problem now too and the registry edit isn't doing anything.
  4. yehudi71

    [REQ]Freeman: Guerilla Warfare

    Game: Freeman: Guerilla Warfare Steam: Price: $14.99 Suggested options: 1. Inf Health 2. Inf Ammo 3. Inf Party Health 4. Inf Money etc
  5. yehudi71

    Total War ROME II Trainer

    The only option that works right now is inf food. Nothing else works.
  6. yehudi71

    Elex Trainer

    Stamina is the only thing that doesn't work after the new update.
  7. yehudi71

    Elex Trainer

    Fantastic. Thanks much
  8. yehudi71


    +1 Fantastic game. Just really bloody hard sometimes
  9. yehudi71

    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    Are you guys blind? Just play offline and forget about an anti-cheat. You don't need it if you're not online, on a server that's tracking you. There is no "anti cheat" built into the game save for a bunch of people on the other end of an online connection monitoring your stats. And there's also...
  10. yehudi71

    [REQ] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

    Platform: Steam URL: Price: Normal $20 (Current Sale until the 24th $6) Requested cheats: Inf Health Inf ammo Inf Money No Radiation Ultd Weight No Hunger
  11. yehudi71

    Space Hulk Deathwing Trainer

    But really, if your god mode works, then the ammo issue shouldn't really be much of a problem anyway. Most weapons have massive ammo reserves anyway. Not to mention that you never run out.
  12. yehudi71

    Space Hulk Deathwing Trainer

    Works perfectly for me. The ammo cheat stops working if you switch weapons. So, just know, pick your weapon of choice and then enable the cheat.
  13. yehudi71

    Space Hulk Deathwing Trainer

    Gonna give it a test. Tell you how it works on my end.
  14. yehudi71

    IS Defense Trainer

    Game has updated.
  15. yehudi71

    Sniper Elite 3 Trainer

    If you use this trainer for singleplayer, it will break your multiplayer or coop.
  16. yehudi71

    [REQ] Kaiju A Gogo

    I second this motion
  17. yehudi71

    IS Defense Trainer

    Do note, the game did have a rather large update today that introduced mod support. The trainer won't activate because of it. Currently on v20160429.
  18. yehudi71

    IS Defense Trainer

    Thanks MAF! This is much appreciated!
  19. yehudi71

    [REQ] IS Defense

    Steam: IS Defends Price: $7.99 Requested options: infinite health, skill points, easy vehicle kills, unlimited support points Game description: rail shooter, base defense, horde defense