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  1. CubeV

    Red Faction: Armageddon Trainer!

    Can you make a red faction Armageddon trainer? I would want one cuz you need to finsih the game for the cheats menu -.- plz can you add inf. health and stuff like that :3 I will be greatly appreciated.
  2. CubeV

    Five Nights At Freddy Trainer

    make fnaf 3 trainer
  3. CubeV

    Spore trainer For Retail AND V1.4

    So as you have known spore is only for v1.2 and someone people have updated the game and aren't on steam, I don't have spore on steam and I have v1.4 not 1.2... All those horrible shitty websites that have viruses with their trainers suck. It would be greatly appreciated if you can update the...
  4. CubeV

    Spore Trainer

    is this only for tribal and up?
  5. CubeV

    Spore trainer not working, fix it plz!

    So when you start the trainer then spore, when you press f1 it makes the windows error noise but does not activate, and for some reason I can do f2 and f3. Can you fix it plz or at least update it? Spore trainer -