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  1. derezzd

    Brotato Trainer

    Tried playing with WeMod on 30 Jun 2023 at 2PM EST. I think they pushed out a new update before you were able to upload this trainer or update WeMod. The cheats did work. That being said, ive been a long time fan of Mr. AntiFun. Keep up the good work. Edit: I didn't try the god mode. God...
  2. derezzd

    South Park The Fractured But Whole Trainer

    This normally happens to me if Im running the wrong version of the game, or for whatever reason the trainer doesn't recognize the game. I normally quit both and run the game first, then the trainer. For South Park I run the game in full screen "window mode". This helps the transition between...
  3. derezzd

    [REQ] No Man's Sky

    In case there was any doubt. The Steam page confirms it is single player.
  4. derezzd

    No Man's Sky

    Think of the division, but the chance of you meeting another real life person is like a million to one. I also learned like there is an off-line mode. Like the last metal gear solid. So knowing there is an off-line mode do you think you guys will be making a trainer?
  5. derezzd

    No Man's Sky

    So with No Man's Sky coming out in June I was wondering. Will you be making a trainer for this game. I know you dont make trainers for online games, but the creators said this will be an online game that is single player. You may never see another person for as long as you play. I know you...
  6. derezzd

    [REQ] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    I soon as I saw "didnt allow preload" i was thinking "I wonder if he is going to do mad max", then I kept reading. Good Mad. Thanks for all the hard work. Id give you a big hug if I could.
  7. derezzd

    Chroma Squad

    I would like the trainer as well, but don't tell him to hurry up. Damn.