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  1. Fright

    [REQ] Flesh Eaters

    Platform: Steam - Product Price: $1.99 Features: Unlimited Bullets, Unlimited Medicine, Unlimited Wood Scraps, Unlimited Rockets, Unlimited Components. Also, as of 1/31/17 its only $.50
  2. Fright

    [REQ] Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun

    Steam: Price: 0.99 Features: Unlimited Money, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Fuel
  3. Fright


    Platform: Steam Product Price: 0.99 Features: Inf Money, Inf Ammo. Thx
  4. Fright

    [REQ] Idling to Rule the Gods Steam Edition

    Platform: Steam Product Price: Free Features: Unlimited God Power Unlimited Clones Fast Training Instant Kill Mobs Instant Kill Gods Super Rebirth Thanks!
  5. Fright

    [REQ] Crush Crush

    Platform: Steam Product Price: Free Increase Hobby Levels Increase Money Thanks if you do make the trainer,
  6. Fright

    Pandora: First Contact

    Problem- Trainer Does Not Activate Version- 1.5.4 Original Copy Hopefully You Guys Get This Fixed Soon... Thanks!
  7. Fright

    Pandora First Contact Trainer

    Does Not Work... Am I Doing Something Wrong? I Only Get A Ding Whenever I Try To Activate The Trainer
  8. Fright

    The Spatials

    Subject- The Spatials Version- 2.5 Steam Link- Application Type- Paid Features- Unlimited Research Points, Unlimited Money