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  1. Prism_Editing

    Call To Arms Trainer

    Please add previous options that are missing back, Thanks.
  2. Prism_Editing

    Resident Evil 2 Biohazard RE 2 Trainer

    Thanks a bunch for this trainer MAF, And all the hard work you do for the community. <3
  3. Prism_Editing

    [REQ] Cliff Empire Trainer.

    Steam: Price: 9.68 NZD Currently on sale Original price is 11.39 NZD. Infinite Resources Infinite Money Infinite Food Fast Construction Add Population Increase City Prestige
  4. Prism_Editing

    Die Young Trainer

    Update please MAF.
  5. Prism_Editing

    911 Operator Trainer

    Update plz.
  6. Prism_Editing

    Riot:Civil Unrest (Request)

    +1 but most likely wont happen since the game has just released and as always expected to be a lot of updates as it's an early access.
  7. Prism_Editing

    Syrian Warfare Return to Palmyra

    +1 Please MAF.
  8. Prism_Editing

    Operation Flashpoint Red River Trainer

    Could you please update the trainer?
  9. Prism_Editing

    American Truck Simulator Trainer

    Please update MAF when you can.
  10. Prism_Editing

    Quantum Break Trainer

    Use the verion 1.7 of the trainer should fix the problem.