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  1. Ian Dagger

    This War Of Mine Trainer

    This new wemod thing is gunna be a bother it seems...fantastic.
  2. Ian Dagger

    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    The 1.13.13 trainer isn't functioning properly. It won't activate but it's also saying that the version is 1.02 on the actual trainer itself. A mix up maybe??
  3. Ian Dagger

    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    How does the game editor work?
  4. Ian Dagger

    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    As of today 09-24-18, The trainer no longer works. Won't even activate.
  5. Ian Dagger

    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    Can confirm pregnancy cheat isn't working with the latest trainer, even WITH following the instructions so please none of that "read the note" stuff. I did, thrice over. IT doesn't even activate.
  6. Ian Dagger

    Dying Light Trainer

    Inf health doesn't work with the latest trainer. Or it could be my version idk, it's GOG
  7. Ian Dagger

    [REQ] Weed Shop 2

    Go into your save file folder, look for your characters stats, XP is there among them. The ACTUAL number you have going towards your XP is not the same which shows on the game which is why it's so hard to find it in the first place. I'd make a tutorial for it but I'm beyond lazy.
  8. Ian Dagger

    [REQ] Iconoclasts

  9. Ian Dagger

    No Man's Sky Trainer

    Game crashes while using pulse engine in space. Easy crafting also isn't working for construction items.
  10. Ian Dagger

    South Park The Fractured But Whole Trainer

    You're not using a compatible version. If there is a problem with the trainer, 8/10, it's user error. Be polite about it next time.
  11. Ian Dagger

    Jotun Trainer

    You died first in game without the cheat activated, then activated upon revival?
  12. Ian Dagger

    Jotun Trainer

    Reporting in, big enemies also have inf health as well.
  13. Ian Dagger

    Yooka Laylee

  14. Ian Dagger

    Watch Dogs 2 Trainer

    Working fine last I checked. You should be good.
  15. Ian Dagger

    The Binding of Isaac AntiBirth Trainer

    It's not a virus. That's a false positive
  16. Ian Dagger

    Watch Dogs 2 Trainer

    HAven't used the stealth cheat and I still randomly get the stuck death animatiom.
  17. Ian Dagger

    Watch Dogs 2 Trainer

    Alright, I'm not sure why this problem suddenly popped up, but since yesterday, wheneverI use the inf health cheat, I get hit once and I'm stuck in this death animation limbo without actually dying. I've disabled the train, forced closed it and shut down the process, and nothing. Even getting...
  18. Ian Dagger

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    No they do not. MAF makes no trainers for online games. NO one wants a VAC ban on their account, man.
  19. Ian Dagger

    Competition - Mafia 3 Free Steam Copy!!!!

    The infinite miles of creativity that is GTA V kills. These always ***** me up, especially with the random dialogue XD
  20. Ian Dagger

    [Req] Pokemon Uranium Emulator trainer

    Oh god this would be amazing! I woudl love to get a hold of that script file when you're through with it +1