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  1. MichaelSeph

    Trainers without wemod?

    The 2 hour limit is a new thing, these posts are from 3 years ago, there was no limit to how much you use the trainers, just that you have to use the hotkeys and not click the buttons in the mod like a noob.
  2. MichaelSeph

    Between The Stars Trainer

    It's great that this has been updated, just that WeMod updated too and restricts mod usage way more than before.
  3. MichaelSeph

    Homeworld Remastered Collection Trainer

    Homeworld Remastered Collection 2.300 , nothing works anymore, hopefully it can detect Epic / Steam versions too :)
  4. MichaelSeph

    X4 Foundations Trainer

  5. MichaelSeph

    Buoyancy Trainer

    yes, needs update... +1
  6. MichaelSeph


    Game is easy and really short... but still more fun with cheats +1
  7. MichaelSeph

    [REQ] The Long Journey Home

    Even donors posted here on a nearly 100 post long request, and nothing ? Guess he's busy lately xD
  8. MichaelSeph

    [REQ] Godus Wars

  9. MichaelSeph

    Endless Legend Trainer

    MAF said it works on latest "Tempest" DLC in a request thread, I have all DLCs and Expansions, as well as updates, I just tried it and it's TRUE. Trainer needs NO update, use latest one properly, after already ending a turn, then activate and a new turn to see the difference, and all good ...
  10. MichaelSeph

    Endless Legend™ Tempest (DLC upload)

    You received such a honor, being directly adressed by MAF ! :D
  11. MichaelSeph

    Hybrid Wars Trainer

    Ty for the trainer, ammo seems to work on screen but not for real, you go out of ammo even though it says 99. Can't post a picture of it to prove but the 099 goes RED and it says Out of ammo! Same happens for secondary ammo. Link to screenshot: +Infinite Energy would be handy
  12. MichaelSeph

    Osiris New Dawn Trainer

    Oh thank you, works perfectly so far !
  13. MichaelSeph

    [REQ]Osiris New: Dawn

    One hour later~ Halfway through it, yay! Infinite weight carry or so too ? Higher speed run would help with huge worms instadeath where godmode won't save you.
  14. MichaelSeph

    [REQ]Osiris New: Dawn

  15. MichaelSeph

    Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry Trainer

    MaF the best and the only, for this game, glad he exists !
  16. MichaelSeph

    Craft The World Trainer

    That is because there is no 1.3 version trainer, still, latest trainer works just fine on latest game version. No need for update.
  17. MichaelSeph

    Arma 3 Trainer

    Confirmed, 1.60 arma 3 is not compatible with trainers here. Needs a new one..
  18. MichaelSeph

    Habitat Trainer

    Because there's no trainer at all for this game, and it's pretty needed.
  19. MichaelSeph

    Habitat Trainer

    trainer wud be nice for the actual release now
  20. MichaelSeph

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    TRAINER STILL FUNCTIONAL on 0.913 0.913 Update being out and stable for now, and 0.9 trainer is working just fine, at least for stats like inf health, inf stamina, super attack and defence, 9999 items... good enough for me xD