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  1. Sakaliet

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer

    once i downloaded the trainer .. the game is now updating !! i hope this works on my R* version
  2. Sakaliet

    Oxygen Not Included Trainer

    update plz MAF
  3. Sakaliet

    They Are Billions Trainer

    MAF plz update to 1.05
  4. Sakaliet

    Dawn of Man Trainer

    V 1.0 is out MAF .. please update the trainer
  5. Sakaliet

    [REQ] Re-Legion

  6. Sakaliet

    Sunset Overdrive Trainer

    thanks man
  7. Sakaliet

    Two Point Hospital Trainer

    thanks alot Mr anti fun ... u are the best
  8. Sakaliet

    Northgard Trainer

    the trainers are out of date .. there is a new version of the game out .. plz update mrantifun
  9. Sakaliet

    Watch Dogs Trainer

    MAF needs to update this trainer .. lots of people going back for it after being free on Uplay
  10. Sakaliet

    Assassins Creed Origins Trainer

    update 1.05 is out and mrantifun hasn't updated the trainer yet !! i hope after all this waiting the new trainer update will be full of fun and worth the wait hurry up MAF .. its been too long :(
  11. Sakaliet

    X Rebirth Trainer

    forget what i said :D i got it working X4 is coming soon tho ..
  12. Sakaliet

    X Rebirth Trainer

    trust me i have tried .. i'm already playing it with mods but i just need the unlimited missiles to steal and destroy ships faster the Simoom's Lantern mod didn't work for me .. i guess cuz i'm using retail version and not steam !!!!
  13. Sakaliet

    X Rebirth Trainer

    still waiting for v4.10 .... come on MrAntiFun :(
  14. Sakaliet

    X Rebirth Trainer

    thanks man, you are the best :D i'm so looking forward to play the game after the last update :cool:
  15. Sakaliet

    X Rebirth Trainer

    the options activates in the trainer but they don't effect the game !! try playing not just activating the options MrAntiFun