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  1. JonasTio

    The Forest Trainer

    Put it in a folder that you've got exempted in your A/V program.
  2. JonasTio

    The Forest Trainer

    It's pretty rad that MAF does any trainers for games in alpha/beta at all, with the regular patching cycles they go through.
  3. JonasTio

    Rage Trainer

    Unlimited racing tickets would be nice. Savegame with tickets available to spend on the linked savefile.
  4. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    Request to add infinite battery and jetpack power. Link to save file with character that has both in PM.
  5. JonasTio

    Competition - Total War : Warhammer Free Steam Copy!!!!

    Oh no, @Wraith earned that one. Holy crap, that was funny.
  6. JonasTio

    [REQ]Rage (New Version)

    I still look to see if a Rage trainer has been done.
  7. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    Odd. It worked alright for me (except for the weirdness with the infinite inventory stuff). I've not messed with it too much, but when I activated the trainer it was after the game world had loaded up.
  8. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    Make sure you've opted out of the beta in your Steam settings and that you're running v0.9.
  9. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    An issue with the infinite infinite items piece: On this release, instead of just resetting the stack to a number, it will split the stack (an item that's stack capped at 100, under infinite items set at 9999 will split up into 100 stacks of 100). You could just say to not use the reorganize...
  10. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    Well, that was a heck of a lot faster than I expected. Thanks, fella.
  11. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    Another request for the rebuild of the trainer to match version 0.9. As a heads up, it's likely going to be a complete overhaul since they're using a new codebase and an updated engine.
  12. JonasTio

    BioShock 2 Trainer

    Yup. Vers. on steam, F3 doesn't work.
  13. JonasTio

    Planet Explorers Trainer

    Works swimmingly. Thanks.
  14. JonasTio

    Metro Last Light Trainer

    Using it right now with without issue.