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  1. Nebulus1978

    Life is Feudal Forest Village Trainer

    God Mode does not work only inf resources.
  2. Nebulus1978

    Plague Inc Evolved Trainer

    Guys you'll be waiting for at least 6 months for an update, I come here for a lot of trainers for a long time asking for updates seems to be a complete waste of time I have asked hundreds of times for updates or added features only to be ignored. Kinda gets annoying when you get ignored...
  3. Nebulus1978

    Tropico 4 Trainer

    This game requires no trainer. Hold [Right Shift] and enter one of the following codes during game play. trabajono - Unlock all missions. speedygonzales - Instant construction. iamthestate - No prerequisites for edicts. elpollodiablo - Instant win. muchopesos -...
  4. Nebulus1978

    [REQ] Bermuda - Lost Survival

    Until MAF has time to release a trainer for this game, use the latest cheat engine items are 4 byte values and health, oxygen, food, water etc are all float values.
  5. Nebulus1978

    Planet Nomads Trainer

    Update when ya can plz MAF.
  6. Nebulus1978

    TheHunter Call of the Wild Trainer

    Try checking your anti virus see if it is blocking it.
  7. Nebulus1978

    Subnautica Trainer

    Yes this is most unfortunate, but just toggle off remove the blighter toggle on slightly annoying but doesn't happen often.
  8. Nebulus1978

    Subnautica Trainer

    Heatlh, Oxygen and Easy Craft work but Food/Water doesn't. Just a fyi but you can simply use command console in game for all these plus more steps to do this are as follows. 1. Press F3 (in the top left corner of the window is "enable console" 2. Press F8 to bring up your cursor and change...
  9. Nebulus1978

    TheHunter Call of the Wild Trainer

    Just use Cheat Engine it's very simple, 4 byte search for xp.
  10. Nebulus1978

    [COMPLETED] Conan Exiles (Single Player mode)

    I agree this game doesn't need a trainer imo.
  11. Nebulus1978

    [REQ]Ice Lakes

    For now guys cheat engine works fine simply do a 4 byte search for your moneys value then spend a little at the shop and search for the new value, you should only have to do the two scans if I remember right for this game.
  12. Nebulus1978

    [REQ] Trainer for Force of Nature

    Sorry for late reply xmas and all, ok so let's say I have 1 Banana do a 4 byte search for 1 when it's finished pick up another Banana enter 2 and click "Next Search" you should Only need to do this twice if I remember right for this game to get the digital value if not keep going till you have...
  13. Nebulus1978

    No Man's Sky Trainer

    It's a bit hard to have fun with a trainer we don't have, please update we have been waiting patiently for nearly a month now and please add unlimited warp again.
  14. Nebulus1978

    [REQ] Trainer for Force of Nature

    You can use CE for now all items are 4 byte and health/stamina are floats if you wanna get the static addy's right click the addy and select "Find out what accesses this address" find the green one this will be your static address.
  15. Nebulus1978

    No Man's Sky Trainer

    Could you please update trainer all is working except inf ship health also I know you are prob really busy with all this but if you could please add infinite warp that'd be so awesome since now we can build a base I would like to build near the centre of the universe but as you'd all know that's...
  16. Nebulus1978

    Osiris New Dawn Trainer

    Trainer needs update as of 27/11 thank you and will be donating.