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  1. MegaBZerK

    Shortest Trip to Earth Trainer

  2. MegaBZerK

    No Man's Sky Trainer

    +1 for an actual updated trainer and not some BS wemod shit.
  3. MegaBZerK

    Stellaris Trainer

    Doesn't work at all on Version 2.2.4 plz update Also, dont put any viruses in the updated version, k thx.
  4. MegaBZerK

    Stellaris Trainer

    +1 plz update daddy
  5. MegaBZerK

    Stellaris Trainer

    Thanks dude.
  6. MegaBZerK

    [REQ] Prison Architects Escape Mode

    • Software: Steam - • Product price: £19.99 GBP • Features: -God mode -Infinite rep points -Infinite sprint I cant find any other trainers / cheats in general for Prison Architects Escape Mode, you could be the first, how much site traffic would that...
  7. MegaBZerK

    Prison Architect Escape Mode - Trainer

    Oops wrong forum, my bad. I will post it in the correct place now.
  8. MegaBZerK

    Prison Architect Escape Mode - Trainer

    I think a trainer for Prison Architects escape mode would be most entertaining for many players. Giving them the ability to plan and execute escape attempts either with some form of god mode, infinite Rep Points or some kind of mega awesome gun spawner of death. I cant find any other trainers /...
  9. MegaBZerK

    Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Trainer is completely non-functional

    Nothing in that trainer works, please fix it :(
  10. MegaBZerK

    Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Trainer

    Couldn't help but enable Avast just before running...........