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  1. yapchagi

    Phasmophobia Trainer

    Most likely, yes. Only use trainer if u are playing solo investigation! Or if u are streaming the game, don't use the trainer or show u have like 1 million money in the game.
  2. yapchagi

    Phasmophobia Trainer

    if we already have wemod, do we need to update it or something?
  3. yapchagi

    Phasmophobia Trainer

    No clue. Seems like u have to upgrade to Wemod Pro to use it. Besides, people are reporting the DisableGhost is not working anyway.
  4. yapchagi

    Phasmophobia Trainer

    i wish we could adjust the Super walking/running speed manually within the trainer because they are too fast.
  5. yapchagi

    (REQ) Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection

    There's a free trainer out there from Cheat Evolution if u guys need it now.
  6. yapchagi

    Mafia II Definitive Edition

    Would it be possible to make a trainer for Mafia II Definitive Edition? It was released today May 19th 2020 on Steam.
  7. yapchagi

    warcraft 3 :reforged (only sp no mp)

    need a trainer that will work in Custom game against AI.
  8. yapchagi

    warcraft 3 :reforged (only sp no mp)

    I would love to have a trainer for this game so I can use it for custom game against AI. The built-in cheat does not work for custom game, only for single player campaign.
  9. yapchagi

    World War Z Trainer

    i think inf stamina doesn't work. My character will still get tired after running for a few seconds.
  10. yapchagi

    The Dark Occult

    this game was previously called The Conjuring House. We have a request for this game already. But yeah, we need a trainer for this. +1
  11. yapchagi

    The Dark Occult

  12. yapchagi

    Visage (REQUEST)

    Visage horror game on steam. Request for: - No Stamina - Unlimited lighter Thank you very much.
  13. yapchagi

    The Dark Occult (REQUEST)

    Would it be possible to make a trainer for The Dark Occult on steam? It would be nice if there is no stamina in the game and unlimited power for the flashlight. Thank you.
  14. yapchagi

    [REQ] Outlast 2

  15. yapchagi

    TheHunter Call of the Wild Trainer

  16. yapchagi

    Trainer request for Reconquest

    Can we get a trainer for Reconquest game that was released today on steam? It's a real time strategy game kinda like Command and Conquer series. Thank you. Trainer is up