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  1. wziemniak

    [REQ] Drake Hollow

  2. wziemniak

    Stardew Valley Trainer

    Freeze timer doesn't work at all
  3. wziemniak

    [REQ] Octopath Traveler

    I have no idea how they use inventory editing by replacing items since you can only replace healing plum with 'nothing'. For now I just added myself some cash to buy healing potions and better equipment. Makes playing this game easier enough but not to easy to ruin it.
  4. wziemniak

    [Request] warlocks 2: god slayers

    That potion didn't help me. Died 15 times at that boss now. I'm lvl 13. So now I'm waiting for a trainer.
  5. wziemniak

    [Request] warlocks 2: god slayers

    Yeah, first boss is too hard :/ Please help.
  6. wziemniak

    Pathway Trainer

    For me inf health also gives a lot of health point to the enemies.
  7. wziemniak

    [REQ] Antihero

    Since there are no trainers for this game anywhere I assume it's impossible to make one for this game.
  8. wziemniak

    Desolate Trainer

    Ok just noticed that it was inf scrap option which doesn't give any inf scrap but instead changes level to 99999 so that next time you play, you have max level.
  9. wziemniak

    Desolate Trainer

    Inf ammo doesn't work for me. Also I've lost the ability to level up. I have no idea how. Never used any skill points cheats. I don't think food and thirst options work as well.
  10. wziemniak

    Treasure Adventure World [REQUEST]

    I could use a walkthrough because I have no idea what to do and where to go. Not a video walkthrough, a normal one.
  11. wziemniak

    Beholder 2

    Yes please
  12. wziemniak

    Insomnia: The Ark

    Since this game is bugged, I'd like an invisibility option. Right now I'm in this quest where I need to sneak and I always get caught even though there's noone there. Like there was some 'time till they spot you' thing.
  13. wziemniak

    Insomnia: The Ark

    I'd be happy with inf items (since cash is an item in this game) and set available skill poins option. I could use help with some quests though. Can't find anything. Seems this game isn't popular.
  14. wziemniak

    Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age Trainer

    Trainer itself works great. Thank you for that. The game itself however does not. Crashes after you leave the map after escape scene and meeting this Dguy (forgot name) which is very early in the game.
  15. wziemniak

    No Man's Sky Trainer

    I haven't patched the game and yet trainer stopped working for me. Everything worked well but now no matter which option I'll use I hear a beep sound. Says everything is fine but isn't.
  16. wziemniak

    We Happy Few Trainer

    For me only unlimited joy doesn't work but I can live with that. Unlimited items doesn't work for that pocket extension item (one use item in clothing section) which gives you more inventory space. I'm a hoarder lol Shutting the trainer down caused my game to crash two times (2 out of 20 so not...
  17. wziemniak

    Chasm! (REQUEST)

    Can you post a cheat engine table with this? I think all I need to advance in this game is gold because I can just buy all the minerals or learning scrolls.
  18. wziemniak

    [REQ] ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

    +1 I could use any cheat right now.
  19. wziemniak


    I've got bad experience with cheat engine. Got similar advice once: search for a value and change it. Yet I couldn't find it. Didn't know about level scaling. Guess I need inf money cheat to have a full party.