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    Garry's Mod trainer

    Well, I believe that you guys could make a Garry's Mod trainer, such as a menu, a rcon password stealer, I know this is asking alot, but, I really hope you can make one! :D thanks! If you think this could be a good idea, say so in the comments below, or just reply just because :3
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    Speedrunners trainer

    I was wondering if you could make a speedrunners trainer, I am having a hard time with the game, I am advanced league atm, but I was just wondering.
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    Company of Heroes (New steam version) PROBLEM

    Ehm, there is a large problem with the Company of Heroes new steam version trainer, it actually happens to make me just sit there in my base making people think I am afk, when really I am making buildings, making troops, etc, could this be fixed? I am kind of wondering if this was mean't for...