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    Let's School Trainer

    teacher and studind editor does not work, show error "Bug"
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    Port Royale 3 Trainer

    too bad, but game crashing with trainer
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    [Update Request ] The Guild 3

    Character statpoints memory massive is between 0003B0000000 and 0003D0000000. On GOG version of a game.
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    Power & Revolution 2020 Edition Trainer

    For 32, why not for 64?
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    TransOcean 2 Rivals Trainer

    not 999, but 99
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    Realpolitiks Trainer

    Instant build does not work with gog version
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    Project Hospital Trainer

    1.1.16350 GOG please
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    Atomic Society Trainer

    I think You mean :) But +1 to
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    [REQ] Cliff Empire Trainer.

    If it is needed I can sharer copy of Cliff Empire (only for mrantifun)
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    [REQ] Cliff Empire

    All same as in sandbox mode - infinite money - resources (+infinte) - no resource needed for construction - instant build - instant research
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    Final Fantasy 7 Trainer

    No need, it is just Chocobo racing prize. In original ff7 (1997) - Sony PlayStation, there was no such software. About Enc-none - i made mistake, it is ff8.
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    Computer Tycoon Trainer workd only cash, and not infinite, have to activate again.
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    Final Fantasy 7 Trainer

    there is materia, encount-zero, if i'm not wrong with name.
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    Tempest Trainer

    money sometimes works, sometimes not, same for exp r I don't understand how to use it, can You please make video how to? And pirate invincibility during 1st person play
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    Forebearers [Requests]

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    Power & Revolution GeoPolitical Simulator 4 Trainer

    6.16 Resources works, just need to activate in any resource window, for example open Energy, then activate cheat. But popularity does not work. DOn't need to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter, enough just Shift+Enter.
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    Aircraft evolution

    It is easy to make money, fuel and raoair trainer, but i need time.
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    Power & Revolution GeoPolitical Simulator 4 Trainer

    6.17 on 6.16 god mode doesn't work on map. But works in cities - map view.
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    Power & Revolution GeoPolitical Simulator 4 Trainer

    To make resource working activate cheat at resource window!
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    [REQ] Cliff Empire Trainer.

    I can not make trainer, but bitcoins can be easy to be cheated by cheat engine. Because data value changing each new game and/or load game - it is difficult to make it.