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    The Occupation

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    Outward Trainer

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    Spellforce 3 v1.40

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    X4: Foundations! (REQUEST)

    +1 Infinite hull, infinite shield, infinite ammo, Set Credits Anything else you feel like adding :) Ty mrantifun
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    +1 Infinite money for Master League would be great too.
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    Sniper Elite 4

    Most cheats working but the most valuable one - undetected, is not working on the latest version of SE4 Trainer version: Sniper Elite 4 V1.5.2 DX11 Trainer +6 B MrAntiFun Platform: Steam Thanks
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    Sniper Elite 4 Trainer

    NVM tested it myself, undetected is indeed not working.
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    Sniper Elite 4 Trainer

    Did you get it to work? I ask because I got the game from humble but would only play it with undetected or i'd trade the game away.
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    This is the Police 2

    + Thanks
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    [Req] Hero U

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    Omensight! (REQUEST)