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  1. Sananiki1

    Offworld Trading Company Trainer

    Agreed, would love another update.
  2. Sananiki1

    Unturned Trainer

    Hey thank you for the promptly made trainer. It worked great till he just updated to V3.13.4.1. Lol it wasn't even update for anything. I'm sure he may have just done that to do it? Idk, but it's updated again. Thanks for everything that you do.
  3. Sananiki1

    Unturned Trainer

    Then it's simply out of date. Nelson has been seriously upping his security for the games integration with VAC Secure. Until the game is 100% finished with updates. It may just be a loss cause buddy.
  4. Sananiki1

    Unturned Trainer

    Depending on the file, it's normally within the Manage folder. For me it's located here. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Unturned_Data\Managed. Thats where it would go. Majority of the time.
  5. Sananiki1

    Unturned Trainer

    To any of you who read's this. It just wouldn't be worth it with all of the active updates coming out. Plus with the 3.0 version's very active VAC-Ban going on. Don't risk your accounts. If your going for single player. Use Cheat Engine. Not worth it nowa day's in my own personal opinion. Just...
  6. Sananiki1

    Pulsar : The Lost Colony

    It also has an option to play single player viva local host or just private games while using Bot's to man the other 4 slots. But yes. The majority of gameplay is made for 1-5 players online. With the added Kickstart running for the ability of Mod support. I'm sure they may add a campaign of...
  7. Sananiki1

    Stranded Deep Trainer

    So obviously this only works with the 64bit version. MrAntiFun, when ever I start the trainer it goes to start then crashes, never get's the chance to show up on screen. If I do activate it during game play my graphics goes completely haywire...