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  1. glacks

    Subsistence Trainer

    thnx a bunch MAF. Now the bears will fear me
  2. glacks

    Goliath Trainer

    superb work MAF thnx a bunch :D
  3. glacks

    [REQ] Goliath Trainer

    +1 plz and thank you
  4. glacks

    TerraTech Trainer Request*

    i really hope this game gets a trainer also. i love playing this for great fun and laughs at the unique rides you can build
  5. glacks

    Final Fantasy 13-2

    i so cant wait for this trainer to be done. pc version of this game looks way better then when it first came out on console. Thnx for your awesome trainers MAF
  6. glacks

    The Legend of Korra Trainer

    thanx again for the awesome trainers MAF. your legendary!! i was also wondering if its possible to make the naga parts have inf health also. as i find them to be the hardest parts to complete.
  7. glacks

    The Legend of Korra Request

    inf health would be good if it did both korra and naga. the parts with naga are sometimes hard as you only get 3 hits. im stuck at the part with the 3 bots you gotta kill, just cant seem to beat it
  8. glacks

    Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Trainer

    thnx alot MAF!! im sure everyone one here appreciates your fast and hard work
  9. glacks

    Fable Anniversary

    the anticipation..........oh so cant wait
  10. glacks

    Fable Anniversary

    quick xp gain, infinite hp, infinite mana, and lots of gold. thats all we really need i find