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  1. whitelder

    Dead Cells Trainer

    May we have an update please?
  2. whitelder

    Diablo 1 - GOG [REQUEST]

    +1 pleeeeaasssseee!!
  3. whitelder

    Aragami Trainer

    update please?
  4. whitelder

    Grim Dawn Trainer

    wohoo your awesome!
  5. whitelder

    Grim Dawn Trainer

    New update for this one, please?
  6. whitelder

    [REQ]Krater Trainer

    yes please :)
  7. whitelder

    Hob! (REQUEST)

    Yes please!
  8. whitelder

    BorderLands Trainer

    I share the report about enemies getting infinite health as well, and the ammo. May we have an update please?
  9. whitelder

    Prey Mooncrash Trainer

    1.05 out today :)
  10. whitelder

    Victor Vran Trainer [Unsupported]

    Do we have an update with the new DLC's? Which one works with them?
  11. whitelder

    Prey Mooncrash Trainer

    1.04 hope trainer still works!
  12. whitelder

    Valley Trainer

    great game, can we add options for acorns and medalions?
  13. whitelder

    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Trainer

    what trainer do I use for version GOG?
  14. whitelder

    Dark Souls Prepare to Die Trainer

    :( steam version not working now
  15. whitelder

    BorderLands The Pre-Sequel Trainer

    Does s work with the new release 1.0.6?
  16. whitelder

    BorderLands Trainer

    Works wonderfully, except for the 100 life on the cars...