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  1. Pyrdain

    [REQ]Planet Centauri

    Infinite HP Infinite Magic Infinite Jump 9999 Item Value (Item in hand) Add Souls Add Fame Fullbright (Light up area) Fast attack/Digging That's the kinda features I'd like to see ^_^
  2. Pyrdain

    The Long Dark Trainer

    You have to hit "Space" to land before you turn off flymode.
  3. Pyrdain

    Tkl Online Paid: $9.99 Infinite Health/Mana/Gold/Items Quick Level up Skills/Stats
  4. Pyrdain

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trainer

    The cheats for health and ammo work both in and out of vehicles. Cheats Sadly health and ammo is the only cheats they have :( If anyone knows a cheat engine table for it, link please? =p
  5. Pyrdain

    Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

    I second this, if it is possible to make one.