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  1. Neo Arcane

    Bionic Commando Rearmed Trainer Request

    Same. also since Capcom are doin' a steam sale on all their stuff in regards for the upcoming RE Village title, now would be a good time to make a trainer for the latest/current version of Bionic Commando: ReArmed
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  3. Neo Arcane

    Welcome From WeMod!

    says the man who highlights only part of my comment & not the whole damn post.
  4. Neo Arcane

    Welcome From WeMod!

    Honestly, if you want my opinion...I think MAF has become a sellout by joining WeMod. it's no different than joining are making a big mistake by joining them, some, if not, most of the ppl here think this merger is a bad idea. believe me, solo trainer makers like yourself...
  5. Neo Arcane

    Metal Wolf Chaos XD trainer [Request]

    +1 also, the trainer options that CH added are infinite health, Boost, inf. ammo, no reload, instant Burst Attack, inf. money & inf. resources. however, when on the Las Vegas stage...the inf. health also works on Richard Hawk's mech in the final showdown outside the hotel. so disable it, damage...
  6. Neo Arcane

    Metal Wolf Chaos XD trainer [Request] took them a while to give in to my request. and luckily others still knew of that game & wanted a trainer for it too.
  7. Neo Arcane

    Metal Wolf Chaos XD trainer [Request]

    if anyone has heard of From Software's classic; Metal Wolf Chaos, then today the remastered version gets released...on console & PC today. and for those who played & loved it alot, we could sure use a trainer for it, coz those muppets at won't make one...and believe me, I've requested it...
  8. Neo Arcane

    (REQ) Override: Mech City Brawl

    This game could use a trainer for its single player mode, and the options it needs are as follows: Inf. Health. Inf. Special meter. No Overheat. Instant Super Attack. Add Research Points (use when in the hangar after earning some from a mission). Inf. weapon ammo/durability (melee weapons...
  9. Neo Arcane

    Sunset Overdrive! (REQUEST)

    +1 x Over 9000
  10. Neo Arcane

    (Request) SAO: Fatal Bullet Update

    just a heads up, the game updated to 1.5.0
  11. Neo Arcane

    [Update Request] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

    Title: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Platform: Steam. Version: 1.5.0 Feature(s) not working: the trainer options won't activate. I tried F1 through 4, and then F7 & F8 but a windows sound indicates as if it's not working. the game itself updated yesterday morning, and because of that I was...
  12. Neo Arcane

    Gundam Breaker

    Mighty, I have the launcher from for New Gundam Breaker if you want it. that way you can use it with MrAntiFun's own trainer.
  13. Neo Arcane

    Gundam Breaker

    I have, I even's trainer and launcher for the game too.
  14. Neo Arcane

    Gundam Breaker

    Hey Knightmare, didn't I see you on in the New Gundam Breaker message board? ;)