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  1. JjForcebreaker

    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Trainer

    The only things I'd need from updated version would be Fate Points. Sucks they binded it with level...
  2. JjForcebreaker

    Divinity Original Sin Trainer

    Yeah, does not work anymore. Tested with newest, current Steam version.
  3. JjForcebreaker

    Alien Shooter TD Trainer

    Also editing save file (.dat) is not an option since it is encrypted. Pretty heave measures for an offline td game.
  4. JjForcebreaker

    Alien Shooter TD Trainer

    Any chance for update?
  5. JjForcebreaker

    Savage Lands Trainer

    Tested previous version, but no luck. BTW it's very strange to change um... these things with every single patch. Maybe if there was fully offline-sp mode they wouldn't bother.
  6. JjForcebreaker

    Savage Lands Trainer

  7. JjForcebreaker

    Frozen State Trainer

    Very nice!
  8. JjForcebreaker

    Krai Mira Trainer

    Money (steel bits or whatever that was) seems to sit in '4 bytes' area, but it's more complicated than that. Just like ammo. Can we look forward to see these options in future versions?
  9. JjForcebreaker

    Apotheon Trainer

    Bumpity bump :D
  10. JjForcebreaker

    Apotheon Trainer

    Hello, there was a small patch 1.2 -> 1.3 1.2 trainer does not load at all. Please update this trainer. Thank you!
  11. JjForcebreaker

    Terraria Trainer

  12. JjForcebreaker

    [REQ] Exanima

    +, there should be an option ingame for god mode. Also for enemy, it would make practice much better.
  13. JjForcebreaker

    Red Faction Guerrilla Trainer

    Works great. +1 for unlimited fuel for jetpack +1 for unlimited timer on/off