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  1. CMK

    [Req] Port Royal 4 Trainer

    + 10000000
  2. CMK

    The Guild 3 Trainer

    Please Update @ V.0.8.5 because the Game crashed attempted to saved
  3. CMK

    X4 Foundations Trainer

    :) Good - MAF - for the first Trainer...i hope its come more options added :cool:
  4. CMK

    X4: Foundations! (REQUEST)

    +++++ 1 +++++ Please MAF make the Trainer
  5. CMK

    PathFinder Kingmaker Trainer

    Its crashed after the Thronsal go in Chamber for the first Fight :eek:
  6. CMK

    PathFinder Kingmaker Trainer

    Great JOB >> MAF :cool: Thanks a lot for this fast Trainer support
  7. CMK

    Pathfinder Kingmaker

    YES +1 Make the Trainer
  8. CMK

    The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep! (REQUEST)

    +++ Please MAF make the Trainer for this cool game
  9. CMK

    Phantom Doctrine Trainer

    A BIG THANKS :cool::cool::cool: You are the Best and the Fastest :p
  10. CMK

    [REQ] Phantom Doctrine

    yes ++++++
  11. CMK

    Forza Motorsport 7

    Please MAF make a little Trainer for this Game. + Add 1000000 Money + Add 5000 Experience Points ...and so far...
  12. CMK

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! (REQUEST)

    YES - MAF - Make a Trainer for this good old Jump´n´Run Game :D
  13. CMK

    State of Decay 2 Trainer

    BIG THANKS <<< :) :cool: :D >>> MAF <<< Nice work ! are the BEST :D
  14. CMK

    Agony (2018) Trainer

    ++++ Yes i want this trainer :cool:;) MAF
  15. CMK

    Hanse - The Hanseatic League

    Please make a Trainer for this little german trading Game >>> MAF ;-) - Money +100K Silver - Ships + - and so
  16. CMK

    Mad Max Trainer

    Yes for me again i used this Version with Mad Max Road Warrior\AVAMain.exe ! Please make a new Trainer or Update Trainer - MAF
  17. CMK

    Mad Max Road Warrior - Trainer

    Please make the Trainer for the new Mad Max Road Warrior with this \ AVAMain.exe used !
  18. CMK

    Frostpunk! (REQUEST)

    +1 Please make the Trainer > MAF
  19. CMK

    Seven The Days Long Gone Trainer

    Yes the actual Version is 1.1 -= please Update to this Version (1.1) >>> MAF ;)
  20. CMK

    Gears of War 4 Trainer

    Prima ;-) MAF Thanks for the working new Trainer