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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer

    Hello, trainer needs to be updated for the last version of the game, 28.07.2020. It would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Mafia II Definitive Edition

    +1 that would totally be great since the normal version of the trainer doesn't work on this game. Thank you!
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    Dead Rising 4 Trainer

    True, the last version of the trainer works fine until the game crashes, very soon after you enable the health cheat.
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    Dungeons 2 Trainer

    It doesn't work on 1.5 and that is sad. I've tried everything, but no results. It would be an honor to have a trainer for the new version (A game of winter). Again, thank you for your awesome work MrAntiFun!
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    Cities Skylines Trainer

    You're the best MrAntiFun! If you could make one for 1.05 would be great.
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    Lucius 2 Trainer

    It's the infinite mana. Whenever I use a skill past it's normal mana ability (like control other people), this starts to happen.
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    Lucius 2 Trainer

    After a time playing, with the trainer activated, my image becomes whiter and whiter until I can't see anything besides the map. This happens gradually. What's causing it?
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    Would be nice a trainer. +1
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    Dead State Trainer

    Is it possible to add skill points to other characters as well? Even if I use the console commands then using an ally, the stats are added to the main character. I'd like to upgrade the others as well. Thanks.