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    [REQ] Slime Rancher

    Using Cheat Engine to get things is real easy. Just attach Cheat Engine to the Slime Rancher.exe You can easily modify your money and inventory slot items by searching their initial value as Exact Value, 4 Bytes. Then do something ingame to modify that value (i.e. sell a plort, or shoot...
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    The Escapists Trainer

    The trainer tends to stop working for some reason during gameplay. I'm not sure what causes it, but pressing the indicated buttons for things like no heat and no fatigue stops working and suddenly you just start actually gaining heat and getting fatigued. It may have something to do with when...
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    Stranded Deep Trainer

    All options used to work for 0.02 Hotfix 1, but now for some reason the trainer doesn't respond to the button presses of F1 through F10. I've never once had a problem with this trainer but now it won't even work. nevermind, it works. for some reason when I hit F7, it caused the F1 option to...
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    Legend of Dungeon

    Single player game, could use a trainer for it. Someone has previously messed around with a Cheat Engine cheat table, but it appears to be outdated and no longer works.