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    [REQ]Hotline Miami 1 Trainer (Steam Version)

    We got a Hotline Miami 2 trainer, but no Hotline Miami 1 trainer? It'll be really great if one was made, one for the Steam version that is. Just like the Hotline Miami 2 trainer, it'll still have God Mode and Infinite Ammo.
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    some simple requests

    hello ive been a fan of MAF's trainers for quite some time now and here are some requests on games that i want trainers for that i hope are made later on in the future *ahem* Gunpoint -God Mode -Infinite Ammo/Cash Far Cry 2 -God Mode -Infinite Ammo/Cash XCOM: Enemy Unknown -God Mode -Infinite...
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    i already have a trainer for the game but its only for god mode and not inf ammo as i have to do it manually it would be nice to include god mode, inf ammo, and no military alert signal