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    Nuclear Throne Trainer

    update PLZ
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    Dex !

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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trainer

    thanks for this but it wont activate i am playing on steam version
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    Dying Light

    I know is early but can you make a dying light trainer when it drops
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    Magicite Trainer

    update plz boss man when you get time
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    Risk of Rain Trainer

    Please update love your work.
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    Dragon Age Inquisition

    Just stopping by to say thanks cant wait for this trainer to be out. I think something is wrong with your donate page cause i cant pass you any cash check it out and get back to me later bro.
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    Lords Of The Fallen Trainer

    Can you please update would love to try out this trainer.
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    [REQ]Payday 2 v1.8.1 - update 26.1

    so i just got into the game and wanted to know if you could make a trainer and if you can do i new to make a new request.
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    Sacred 3 Trainer

    first thanks a lot when you get time can you look into add gold or something along those lines