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    Insomnia: The Ark

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    StellarHub Trainer

    please update for v2.0
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    Enlightenment! (REQUEST)

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    [REQ] Has Been Heroes

    please trainer for v1.1.0
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    [REQ] RUINER inf hp inf energy inf ammo inf skillpoints
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    Codex of Victory Trainer

    it works fine at 1.02 (tried it yesterday) i think it replace attack power with hp value. tank has 9hp - and it becomes 9/9, and artillery has 5/3 - and it becomes 3/3
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    HYPERNOVA: Escape from Hadea v1.0 Update 1 request: inf. hp for buildings stop mob/wave spawn timer thanks in advance
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    Subterrain Trainer

    please, update the trainer for v btw, some options still work (stamina, hunger, thirst)
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    Redcon Trainer

    didnt work on v1.1.2-256 fix please
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    [REQ] Crashlands

    +1 at least, one hit kill and inf items
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    Valhalla Hills Trainer

    please add trainer for release version 1.01.04 thx in advance
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    Ironclad Tactics paid options: inf AP, no VP for enemy, inf hp for units
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    Invisible Inc !