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    Middle Earth Shadow Of War Trainer

    I'm pleased to see Mr AntiFun has offsiders nowadays to wade through all the piteous whining. I don't know how he manages it even with that, people are so focused on me, me, me, that they don't bother to read that Mr Antifun has released a steam trainer for this game because that is the...
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    GET EVEN (Trainer Req)

    I too would like to see a Get Even trainer, but given how busy Mr AntiFun is, for a luddite like myself a Cheat Engine script would be a whole lot better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. If anyone can see their way clear to that, it would be muchas gracias all round. If you do not own...
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    Edge of Twilight Return To Glory Trainer

    Thank you once more
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    Attack On Titan Trainer

    Thank you your work is appreciated!
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    Headlander Trainer

    Thanks 4 this Mr AF
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    Lords Of The Fallen Trainer

    Thanks for another great trainer Mr Antifun
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    Legends of Persia Trainer

    Thank you Mr AntiFun
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    Murdered Soul Suspect Trainer

    Mr AntiFun beats shit happens & all the pretenders once again. Thank you kind sir.