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    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    Is there any way we could get an item spawner in this? I don't want to hack for pleasure, I've beaten the game. I just want to make a character to see what kinds of PvP builds I can make without having to sacrifice hours and hours for RNG drops on my main char.
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    Tales from the Borderlands Trainer

    This needs a mass update. Especially for MONEY, that'd be useful as hell in the Episode 2 trainer, like when you're choosing what you want the car to look like. And the freeze decision'd be useful too, if updated. Toodles!
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    Invisible Inc. Trainer.

    Honestly, I really need this. I was doing very well, Woke up in a bad mood, Lost all hope in doing the first mission. God, I really need this trainer. Following features appreciated: Character Unlocks Bonus Unlocks Reputation Hack Credit Hack Hours Left Hack Enemy Vision hack AP Hack PWR Hack...
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    XCOM Enemy Within Trainer

    Does this work for the Long War Modification for XCOM Enemy Within?