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    SuperHot Trainer

    Is it possible to have a trainer for the windows version??
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    Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Trainer

    My trainer is having issues. I can launch it after getting in-game and it says on the trainer that the game is on, but when i press f1 to activate nothing happens even after waiting a long while. Any solution??
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    My Time At Portia Trainer

    Thanks for the trainer, could you add a relationship option and a skill/level option(s)?
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    Skullgirls Trainer

    health doesn't work, could this get an update please?
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    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Trainer

    it won't activate at all? just the active trainer won't work, although i say that it's not like any of the cheats work if you can't even activate the trainer in the first place.
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    My Time At Portia Trainer

    +1 please please please make it!?
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    My Time At Portia Inf. Health Inf. Stamina Inf. Items(quickbar only if possible) Inf. Skill Points 1 Hit Kill Easy Relationship inf. Money Unlimited Dash Freeze Time(was an after thought originally but now I think is super important) My Time At Portia...
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    Dont Starve Together Trainer

    Can you please update this? It doesn't seem to be working anymore :(
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    Castle Crashers Trainer

    Any chance for an update?
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    BorderLands Trainer

    I wanted to breeze through this game in a relaxing way with a trainer for nostalgias sake but this trainer doesn't work. Any way we could get an update for it??
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    Sanctum 2 Road to Elysion trainer

    With the new free giveaway of the game people are going to be playing it more. Could you please update the trainer?
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    Spore Trainer

    Won't allow me to activate it at all, I've tried several times and several different ways. Please update, or perhaps you can provide some solution to my issue?
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    Lethal League Trainer

    Please update?
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    Deep Space Waifu

    Please make a trainer for unlimited lives, instant break, and unlimited special gauge! I got the game as a joke gift and I'd really like to unlock these achievements.
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    Sakura Clicker Trainer

    Aww it doesn't work anymore. Thanks for the trainer but it does need an update
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    Crush Crush Trainer

    Please update.
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    Lethal League Trainer

    Please make an updated one soon? The challenge is damned hard and I wanna get through it with all the characters.
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    Mass Effect Trainer

    Is there an origin version? I don't know if this had to do with anything, but my game crashed and caused the LAY folder to become corrupted. I had played through this game about 10 times before on the origin and it hadn't happened before. Either way, thank you so much for the trainer.
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    Bastion Trainer

    I don't suppose you could update the trainer with infinite shards and infinite items?