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    [REQ] Rise of Industry

    +1 awaiting for a good trainer
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    [REQ] The Wild Eight

    Hoping for a trainer of this :D +1
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    Craft The World Trainer

    infinite item nad mana doesn't work. i hope you can fix it. thanks a lot.
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    Project Highrise Trainer

    no update for this one? thanks
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    Tempest Trainer

    old trainer doesn't work... please update :D
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    Goliath Trainer

    please update trainer instant skill cd work but infinite items no... please update. thanks
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    tale of wuxia

    I hope some trainer will come out. +1
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    RimWorld Trainer

    Love you so much... you're gret, thanks
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    RimWorld Trainer

    please update this one man... :D
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    Polaris Sector Trainer

    It's no possible to add instant construct?
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    Starbound Trainer

    Hey mate an update is needed. Thanks
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    Dungeons 2 Trainer

    UIpdate this , my cheatmaster!
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    Request Trainer/unlokcer for Software inc. [All Version]

    Steam URL: Application Type: Paid - $11.99 EUR Features: 1- Infinite money 2- Inifnite reputation 3- Unlock cheat menu In-game (you can also do only this... i think it's enough and contais the other two listed above) Thanks, i hope you will do it!
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    Software Inc Trainer

    The game has a built-in cheat menu. If you look in the assembly csharp there is a class named cheat and cheat happens activated it. If you can tell us how to activate it it would be great! Thank for your hard work
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    RimWorld Trainer

    actual version is a bit bugged in alpha 11. we wait for a update. Thanks.
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    I ill bump it, it has the same scheme as xcom it changes code after a time. Please make soemthing, final version is come out today!
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    Mad Games Tycoon Trainer

    He cant add this option because the games does not support them yet. They will be released in a while.