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    Dead State Trainer

    Not to be an ass or anything but that is what i told everyone the other day.... re wording it does not make it your discovery.
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    Dead State Trainer

    Open up the scripts.aod file in wordpad or another text editor. Inside you can find all the internal commands the game uses... add a bit of common sense and you can use them in console. If your really crafty you can alter a large amount of the game from this file....
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    Dead State Trainer is my version and it works fine. cant say anything for the update. Not sure what to suggest to fix that. Do you get errors loading anything before the game starts? if so change the write security permissions on the folder.
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    Dead State Trainer

    there is a console for this game... and it is possible to cheat with it... use the ~ key to pull up the console... Using the lovely item number text anti already released along with the additem(xxx,y) command you can have any item in game in any quantity. there are other commands as well, just...
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    Request : Project zomboid

    Hey guys, Zomboid runs off of lua scripts and is highly moddable. Look through their forums/info and its rather easy to set up your own built in hotkeys for full health, add weapons, stats, etc. You can also modify the files found in the zomboid>media>scripts folder to make your own items...
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    I would like to request a trainer for cosmochoria. Normally i just us CE to make my own but i cant find any values on this game. A way to boost of unlimit crystals would be nice!