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  1. lokan

    Pyre Trainer

    Hello! The gold cheat works but everything else doesn't work for me on the latest steam version.
  2. lokan

    Rez Infinite

    would be amazing if you could, thank you!
  3. lokan

    [REQ] Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™

    mrantifun thank you for everything you've done for us and plus req for this one.
  4. lokan

    [REQ] Dangerous golf

    Managed to find out that smashdown bar is float with number range of 0 through 30
  5. lokan

    [REQ]Relic Hunters Zero

    would be awesome if you could do a trainer for this game =)
  6. lokan

    ADR1FT Trainer

    Thanks a lot!
  7. lokan

    [REQ] Dangerous golf

    would be amazing if you could do it
  8. lokan

    Redout Trainer

    The 1.0.4 patch was released everywhere. Any chance you could update the trainer? Would appreciate it a lot =)
  9. lokan

    Redout Trainer

    Thank you for the trainer! Can you please update it for v 1.0.3?
  10. lokan

    Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate

    +1 to this. Maybe i can gift it to you as well, Mr. Antifun? =)
  11. lokan

    Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Trainer

    Wanted to add - i started the sideops mission(where you need to kill 2 people), enabled undetected option and when i start moving the mission were accomplished. I guess it's connected with enemies unable to spawn. When i tried to launch the second sideops mission(where you need to ectract your...
  12. lokan

    Wasteland 2 Trainer

    Thanks a lot =)