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  1. Cidrow

    Landinar: Into the Void! (REQUEST)

    After you press F1, just type Hacks! - that will open debug menu with options like unlocking all parts and weapons + ship schematics..
  2. Cidrow

    [REQ] Diluvion

  3. Cidrow

    [REQ]stranger of sword city

    +1 Good game...
  4. Cidrow

    [REQ] Goliath Trainer

  5. Cidrow

    Sheltered Trainer

    same here...
  6. Cidrow

    [REQ] BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend

    • Platform: Steam • Link: • Features: Inf.Health, Inf.Energy, Inf.Barrier, Freeze Timer, Fast Kill. Thank you for your hard work!
  7. Cidrow

    [REQ] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    1) How about Forge options like "No Forge Limit" or "Max Skill Power" (After forge) and "Max Magic Power" (After forge). Those was in xbox 360 trainer for JTAG as i remember and was pretty neat.. 2) inf.Dash option can save time, while travelling. 3) inf.Overdrive in combat..
  8. Cidrow

    [REQ] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    About timer - options like +1/-1 hour (minutes) would be really good, with freezing ability...
  9. Cidrow

    Dex Trainer

  10. Cidrow

    Samurai Warriors 4 - II

  11. Cidrow

    Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Trainer

    Yeah... but really - i don't understand - why SE implemented that piece of crap on PC - there are no multiplayer co-op options...
  12. Cidrow

    Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Trainer

    Well i've tested about this one with "Reset Time to Mission" on 1.0 - and know what? It's doesn't work...
  13. Cidrow

    Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Trainer

    Inf.items won't work - need a code (like on psp system) to move around this stupid anti-cheat protection. And YES - i've tried everything - before and after restarted game - same result. Or - try to change value from 99 to 50 - maybe that will work...
  14. Cidrow

    [Req] Final Fantasy Type-0

    Oh and these options would be nice: 1) All Compendium Unlocked 2) All Eidolons Unlocked 3) All Eidolon abilities Mastered 4) Infinite Eidolons Summon Time 5) Infinite Time at Academy (if posseble) 6) Have All Chocobo
  15. Cidrow

    [Req] Final Fantasy Type-0

    It's a spheres for upgrading spells (they usually gets by killing mobs ) - they are on items screen - PHANTOMA.
  16. Cidrow

    [REQ] Space Rogue

    Temporary solution..