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  1. Ubersoldat_X

    Assassins Creed Rogue Trainer

    awesome a brand new game and has a trainer ready ;) good work
  2. Ubersoldat_X

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trainer

    WOW just got the game...needed cash :P great move making trainer for this one.
  3. Ubersoldat_X

    The evil Within (Brain stuck at 50)

    where is amount green brain stem fluid from the game the evil within stored? i did upgrades and accidently pressed the max now the amount is locked at 50 cant upgrade anything anymore. so i want to change it manualy... HOW?
  4. Ubersoldat_X

    The Evil Within Trainer

    Brain juice of locked to 50 cant upgrade from the chair.. cant collect either.. allready at chapter 3 now. but no upgrades
  5. Ubersoldat_X

    The Evil Within Trainer

    trainer hangs when playing 1.02 update and boot the trainer after the game runs . but only when F5 is pressed.
  6. Ubersoldat_X

    The Evil Within Trainer

    you wanna count the times i had to scratch myself off the sealing with my surround system in the dark
  7. Ubersoldat_X

    The Evil Within Trainer

    and again...many thanks for this trainer.. this game is a beaut
  8. Ubersoldat_X

    The Evil Within Trainer

    lol go install the extreme injector to force your pc to use dual core instead of quad core.. the game now will think its a quadcore pc and boost your game graphics, but keep quality low!
  9. Ubersoldat_X

    Styx Master of Shadows Trainer

    We need 1.02 trainer .. and maybe mrantifun could stop forced website link on all trainers i keep closing them everytime i use the trainers
  10. Ubersoldat_X

    Call Of Duty Ghosts Trainer

    The 3.12 trainer when activated it will LOOP the cutscenes. that means missions wont load anymore but stick in loop
  11. Ubersoldat_X

    Call Of Duty Ghosts Trainer

    UPDATE: 3.12 works. status says : ON version 9
  12. Ubersoldat_X

    Call Of Duty Ghosts Trainer

    not working for update 9 the trainer does not activate, or show pressed controll choices (color and stuff)
  13. Ubersoldat_X

    Alien Isolation Trainer

    Dear antifun everything seems okay till the moment the alien stabs you and you have to reload the last saved game. it crashes (AI.exe doesnt respond anymore)
  14. Ubersoldat_X

    Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Trainer

    **** yeah you did it!!!! shadow of mordor is a fact! you are the best. i hate getting killed in a unfair finishing battle. where you have to put your mouse in the middle ring
  15. Ubersoldat_X

    Metro Last Light Trainer

    this website is pretty awsome when you are stuck on missions keep it up
  16. Ubersoldat_X

    Crysis 3 Trainer

    Is there a 1.3 version?
  17. Ubersoldat_X

    Watch Dogs Trainer

    let me know when patches trainer is available. keep up the good gaming help
  18. Ubersoldat_X

    Wolfenstein The New Order Trainer

    WORKS!: found out: 1: start trainer first 2: then start game
  19. Ubersoldat_X

    Antifun Trainer 1.00.1 says: GAME OFF (red)

    Nothing happens Game: Wolfenstein New World Order
  20. Ubersoldat_X

    Wolfenstein The New Order Trainer

    Game off (red)