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    Evil Genius 2: World Domination Trainer

    Would love a Windows Store version now that it is available on Game Pass.
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    Satisfactory Trainer

    Would love an update to Experimental build CL#114480, has some amazing new features. Thank you MrAntiFun you are awesome!
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    Borderlands 3 Trainer

    WeMod version needs an update, the spooky event makes "Better Accuracy" ( CTRL + F9 ) not work.. Looks like the other features seem to work, I haven't tested them all though. Thank you MrAntiFun, you are the MVP! New version: 1.0.3 CL 2038940
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    Green Hell Trainer

    +1 please update to game version 1.0 out of Early Access, you are awesome, thanks for all your work.
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    No Man's Sky Trainer

    +1 Need the new Beyond update! Thanks as always MrAntiFun.
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    [REQ] Desert Skies

    +1 fun game
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    Crackdown 3 Trainer

    I noticed if I did not use the inf HP cheat and only used infinite shields I could kill all enemies except the ones that teleport in that green wave. And yes it was on the legit windows store version, just had to wait 2min 30 sec for trainer to activate.
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    Crackdown 3 Trainer

    I'm using a legit copy of Crackdown 3 and I've waited a good 2 minutes, trainer does not activate. Edit: Guess I had to wait 2 minutes 30 seconds because it activated right after writing this post! :) Edit #2: Confirmed working, just took out Ngata in 30 seconds after 30 minutes of trying...
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    Crackdown 3! (REQUEST)

    +1 And maybe a feature to boost XP (Not by a whole lot, just like +1.00 per keypress?)
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    Party Hard 2 Trainer

    Constantly freezes my game until I alt tab out and back in, and undetected does not work.
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    [REQ] Trojan Inc.

    Trojan Inc. Unlimited Bitcoins Freeze Cure I tried to do it through CheatEngine but the game would shut down entirely as soon as I would freeze the value. Also tried editing SQLite files that looked like part of the save system to no avail.