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    Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Trainer

    I had the same issue, it's's going to take a looooongggg time but you can sell the items. make sure the trainer is off, and be ready to click and press enter for a very long time. you can sell them and free up your inv. it is just going to take time
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    Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Trainer

    For now, I'm using another trainer to boost my exp so I can do that attribute points. It's not what I want but I guess it will do. I would prefer the mr.antifun trainer instead
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    BattleTech Trainer

    really awkward how you can activate the cheat...but it works
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    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Trainer

    *request* Would be be able to get a cheat to have all 999 items? classic Final Fantasy cheat. Is it possible to mod the drop chance? like push a button and have it 100%.
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    Dishonored 2 Trainer

    DNW for me (trainer 1.77.7) I really want undected but can only activate f1,f9,f11 hmmmmm interesting.... 1.75 I can use inf mana...but with no other version 1.0.0b I can use inf runes....but with no other version
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    Styx Shards of Darkness

    can't tell if the trainer just needs fine tuning or the game is poorly coded that it messes up this easily when hacked
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    Styx Shards of Darkness

    Seem to have broken my game. At the start I selected all options and now I can't even craft new things unlocked through skill tree. Because of inf. items I cannot "craft" anymore :/ Also keeps on showing my game completion percentage at 105% I guess I have to start all over again :/...
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    Styx Shards of Darkness

    what, there is no stealth mode on this trainer...I do not see it in the description edit* Ohh I see what you mean, with special and inf resources. Just found out since I'm new to this game
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    Styx Shards of Darkness (REQ)

    OH YES!!!! +1
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    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trainer

    If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have beat the boss. This game is so short unfortunately
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    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Trainer

    yeah, confirmed with the latest (at least with mine) 1.11. Also. will there ever be an update to include "crafting parts"? in the game there are screw icons that allow for upgrading weapons
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    XCom 2 Trainer

    well on game version 1.0 when I do f9 it keeps on crashing my game no matter what
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    XCom 2 Trainer

    Thaaaaannkkk you! but one request, could we get less of a game breaking cheat? instead of "8.Reset All Resources to 9999999" something less. like 1000 or 2000 maybe user edited like type into some box
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    Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer

    Mr.Anti Fun, is this trainer still usable with the latest update? Update 9 got released... all aside, I'm blow away by how much work you put in.
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    Also MR.AntiFun, would we ever get a higher jump? We have the standard jump height could we get it 2x? or even 3x?
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    Thanks Mr.s Antifun, you really do put work into these trainers. Thank you
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    Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer

    Was that bug ever fixed? The max crafting item. Or something like that. I would harvest some herb Through the trainer I would set it to max I would then use them for whatever I needed them for, and then later on to only find out I can no longer harvest anymore herbs. The game stops...
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    Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Trainer

    god damn, you put into so much effort to bring us trainers. wow
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    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    I'm on DARK SOULS II - Scholar of the First Sin, and I cannot activate this trainer. the game IS on as show in red text. but there is no option to type in
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    1 Idea for DA:I's Trainer and 1 Q

    Idea: If you can add a anti-gravity cheat where you can jump really really high or better float that would be sick. Question: Is there anything that could be done about the bug where once you max out on an item, it long continues to update your inventory saying you picked up this herb...