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    Offworld Trading Company Trainer

    couldn't use it on current steam version: 1.20.20465
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    Space Engineers Trainer

    update would be much appreciated but then since it's still early access might be better to wait
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    The Flame In The Flood Trainer

    I tried a few times with and without the trainer, after a few restarts the teleporting raft gets fixed some how but when i use the trainer again it goes nuts, now the raft spawns in a white field of nothing (at least you don't die)
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    The Flame In The Flood Trainer

    hey guys trainer works but when leaving a dock raft spawns into a landmass and it destroys the boat, has this happened to anyone? is it trainer related? edit: I tried it a couple more times, stamina cheat works not sure about HP and other stuff but whenever I leave a dock the boat spawns inside...
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    The Curious Expedition

    I think you can edit a file with notepad++ saw a post on a different forum exact message from forum member SPORES is: Here some "Hack-Edit-Thing". I use GOG version "". There is file "The Curious Expedition\resources\app.asar". It can be open with Notepad++, and change some...
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    [REQ] Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

    • Platform: Steam, • Product price: 19.99 • Features: Infinite Resources, Maximum Officer XP, Instant Task Completion, Ship&Land Combat Health/Damage