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  1. Tsukiumi

    Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Trainer

    btw if ya go into the options area and look for perimeter changes and there is another option that offets buttons you can boost your chars and run in frequency and game speed built in including 99 of all non key items etc
  2. Tsukiumi

    (REQ) Battlestation Harbinger

    +1 on this please and thank you
  3. Tsukiumi

    Disgaea Trainer

    Yeah lol lvling up is no problem with the no action so i take my prior comment back lol
  4. Tsukiumi

    Disgaea Trainer

    finally but was hoping for a easy lvl up lol but glade you are feeling better
  5. Tsukiumi

    [REQ] Disgaea

  6. Tsukiumi

    Something for Mr. Antifun

    I never get said downloads or forced links on my desktop if your dling it from different site maybe thats why your getting said forced link. And as said for being a leecher! Umm this guy is kindly taking his time making trainers people request. Takes time programming and setting these trainers...
  7. Tsukiumi

    DayZ forums hacked, user info and encrypted passwords stolen

    And the world of Dayz is now more apocalyptic and devastated from zombie hackers. HIDE your digital brains and bunker up. :P
  8. Tsukiumi

    Function Keys?

    If i member correctly the FN key is a hardwired key and can not be changed or rerouted im not to sure though but i never been able to change the FN key to a different keys can try Alt+FN and then a diff key and see if it will do something but i dont know more than this. Sorry if its to no help...
  9. Tsukiumi

    What Battlefield 4 trainer works?

    if your using a game that aint offline most trianers will not work if your using a live copy try disconeccting the game from the internet and block it with the firewall then try the trainer
  10. Tsukiumi

    F5 key refreshes instead of activating cheats on trainers

    never had the F5 issue unless i hold Ctrl or have something but yeah try edit the hotkeys for the trainer
  11. Tsukiumi

    Why are gamers awful to each other? The psychology of online abuse

    This made my head explode after reading it all *brain on fire*
  12. Tsukiumi

    Need Help Finding Arkham Knight 100% Game Save for PC

    try game copy world or google save game states
  13. Tsukiumi

    Can i somehow play older version of a game ?

    Could have sworn there was a way to rollback a games version!! I have done it a few times but cant remember how to do it but as for steam games its impossible
  14. Tsukiumi

    [REQ] Disgaea

    Get well soon boss like lolibutts says some hard Bourbon will work wonders!!