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  1. MrShadowFiend

    Wasteland 2 Trainer

    Inf. Skill points does not work,Tried spending 2SP after spending the SP The cheat won't activate.Ammo,Inf.AP and Fast Kill is active during this session.Im using build.65562.
  2. MrShadowFiend

    Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen Trainer

    I have the same problem as RedRidingHoodie When i use the editor to change "Gossip Mask" to "Immortal Helm" it only changes the name and stats,But it stays the same as "Gossip Mask" when equipped.Is this fixable?
  3. MrShadowFiend

    Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Trainer

    Thank you lord mrantifun