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  1. stoney896

    HyperFighter Boost Mode ON

    We would like the option for this trainer Unl Health Unl Orbs Max Score Level Up
  2. stoney896


    Can we get these options thanks Unl Health Unl Skill Points Max Damage Max Level Max Score Unl Gold Max Kills
  3. stoney896

    [REQ] Chrono Trigger

    + One hit kill
  4. stoney896

    Fallen Legion Plus

    Please this game needs a trainer asap
  5. stoney896

    Call of Duty®: WWII Trainer [Single Player] Request

    Yes +1 we need this asap
  6. stoney896

    [REQ]The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

    The more posts he see on it the more he may see its a biggie.
  7. stoney896

    [REQ]The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

    We would like the following options for this game please Infinite Health Infinite EP Infinite CP One Hit Kills Change Mira Change Crystals Unlimited Items Change All Sepiths Edit Mira Edit Crystals Edit All Sepiths
  8. stoney896

    Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap

    We need the following option please Unl Health Unl Gold Unl Items Unl Potion High Jump and or Invincibility Unl Keys
  9. stoney896

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Trainer

    Can you make skill point options
  10. stoney896

    Sins Of The Demon RPG Trainer plz

    We would like the following options for this trainer. Unl HP Unl SP Unl Money Unl Items Max LV. Max Skills
  11. stoney896

    Road Fist Trainer

    Nice trainer.... But can you add Easy Kill to this trainer?
  12. stoney896

    Shadow Warrior 2 Trainer

    Can we get more damage or invisible on this trainer if possible
  13. stoney896

    [REQ]Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics

    We need a trainer with the following options please Unl HP,Unl ST,Unl EN Status(STR999,VIT999,AGI999,INT999,WIL999,CHR999) Ability(LOK999,CLM999,SWM999)
  14. stoney896

    [REQ]Lost Castle Trainer Please

    We need the following options for this trainer please Unl health Unl Mana Max Money Max Magic Tokens Max Stats (LV 999,ATK 999,Defend 999,Speed 999, and Critical 999
  15. stoney896

    Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux

    We would like the following option Inf Time Max Score Inf Lives Float Powers Armor
  16. stoney896

    [REQ]Metagal Trainer

    what do you mean by update platform
  17. stoney896

    [REQ]Metagal Trainer

    Inf PowerUps Inf Health One Hit Kill Float/Jump Abilities Inf Gears/Money
  18. stoney896

    Final Fantasy V Trainer

    dude the current trainer needs fixing asapppppp all the edit stats dont work at all and we need new stuff like unl job points unl abp
  19. stoney896

    Final Fantasy V Trainer

    we need a trainer asap I'm at this one bad ass BOSS call TWINTANIA he is really hard to beat i need str,hp,mp f it everything thing... this boss deals 3500-6000 hp damage we need a new trainer asap