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    [REQ] Deep Space Waifu

    can check out the member forum of this game for hints etc . The developer is very active in the community . If you cant get a trainer these tips should help . I had major problems beating this game until i increased the motorcycle speed . Now I pretty much have all achievements in the game at...
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    found this useful post on gamefaqs by the user ladytanaka If you go into the AliceGame.ini file, you can: (1) tweak the gravity (default is 750). Try playing with lower values for easier jumping. (2) you can adjust...
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    BloodLust Shadowhunter Trainer

    Mrantifun is correct the most recent trainer works fine . I tried it and it was ok If your having problems do what i did I downloaded all 3. Renamed them 1 to 3 tested each one out and found the one that works. Also check That your antivirus does not delete it on you . If this...
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    Velvet Assassin

    I understand your pain I was actually up very late or should I say very early trying to beat the butcher level in velvet assassin and I was trying everything downloading cheat engine tables trying to find other trainers for it none of them worked . However their is a very easy work around...
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    Gal Gun Double Peace Trainer

    N oticed you did not have a copy of this game on your steam page so bought one through steam and I sent one to your Email adress thanks for all the hard work mr anti fun your trainers have saved me a lot of time . Im blood 1504 on steam .
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    Skullgirls Trainer

    if you are using training mode in the game in a vrs battle both players you and the computer oponant will have infinate helth you can tell this is hapening if the match does not end . That might have been the ishue ripper cr .