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    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    any news ?
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    [REQ] Dark Souls III

    I hope MAF will provide us a great dark soul 3 trainer as he do for other Souls series games ^^
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    TorchLight 2 Trainer

    Yeah i mean in multi but only with coop friend but don't want him to spot me :) but i don't keep Mrantifun for any wrong thing happend to me (i have experimented this with Dark souls 2)
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    TorchLight 2 Trainer

    This trainer give you the "!" that mark you as a "cheater" ?
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    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    Just here to say poeple to be care with the hack,i think (because it's not verifiable) i get soft banned it is the politic of From software , they put people out of online mod and you can't even more invade or play in coop.